Abeno are critically-acclaimed Okonomi-yaki Restaurants, born in Osaka, nurtured in London.



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Welcome to the website of Abeno and Abeno Too, Europe's only specialist 'Okonomi-yaki' restaurants. The first Abeno was established in 1993 in the now defunct Yaohan Plaza Shopping Centre in Colindale, north London by two emigres, one from Bridlington, East Yorkshire (not important), the other from Abeno-ku in Osaka. Osaka is important because it is the culinary hot-pot of Japan and also the home of the Kansai-style of Okonomi-yaki. Since 1993, Abeno has striven to recreate an authentic Kansai okonomi-yaki experience in London by sourcing only the best ingredients (all our meat and lots of other ingredients are organic) and staff teams. This means that whether you are a native or near native okonomi-yaki afficionado, or whether you are a novice, choosing to eat at either of the restaurants means choosing to sample a delicious and healthy example of one of Japan's best-kept culinary secrets, a dish which has evolved over more than 400 years.

This website will provide an idea of our extensive eat-in menu, take away service and outside catering operation. Whatever option you choose, we want you to be delighted by it.

Every single guest is important to each of us.
Every single team member is important to each of us.
The quality of your experience is determined by the quality of the attitude of all of us - to you, to our colleagues and to the ingredients we use.

Abeno to Go

Most of the menu is available for eating off-site at a 10% discount from the indicated price. The time required will be advised at the point of order. Party orders and off-site catering is also possible - please discuss your requirements with either restaurant .